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Who we are...

We are a brand new national ISP that has been created by industry experienced members to provide customers with the level of service that they deserve. As you can already tell, We’re big on service! We know that a number of our competitors lack in this area which is why we’ve been created. We ensure that each day we work by the strategy of “under promise and over deliver.” This strategy has enabled us to maintain long lasting relationships with all of our customers.

Our Network...

We have invested heavily into our network to ensure that we have the ability to deliver a vast range of solutions. Not only is our network secure but it is also reliable, meaning you can have peace of mind when using our service.

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Meet The Team

Darren Wright
Darren Wright

Darren has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His experience within the industry has been essential to making sure that both the network we operate and the business operations work.

Chris Backhouse
Chris Backhouse

Chris has a technical expertise that has been pivotal to ensuring that the daily systems we use work and more importantly are secure. Chris’ experience comes from over 30 years of commercial automation systems working for some of the world's biggest companies.

Ricardo Montisci<
Ricardo Montisci

Ricardo is a Radio telecommunications expert and launched Zone with the mind set to deliver a different level of service. To this date he feels a number of the big companies still lack in the service area which is why he wants to give customers what they rightly deserve.

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