The English Schools’ FA is delighted to be partnering with Zone Broadband as the Association’s Official Telecoms Partner. As both Chairman of the Association and also an active teacher, it is a positive step to be partnering with an organisation that is putting the online safety of children and their learning environment, as a priority. We look forward to seeing what this partnership can bring in the coming seasons.
ESFA Chairman, Mark Hignett - January 2022

Zone Broadband and the ESFA are a perfect fit, encapsulating both a safe and ethical offering. Zone broadband was created to be the future of connectivity being a customer focused and community-led Internet Service Provider. We see schools as an integral part and the future of every community, and we see football in schools, like all sports, as the glue generating a positive community spirit. This partnership is on-message now and for all future generations.

Educational Broadband

Whether you are a School or a Parent, the Internet is such an important Educational Tool that safeguarding should be a number one priorty. Zone Broadband has a package perfect for you.

For Schools Content Filtering and Monitoring is built in to our network. That is because Safeguarding is Our number one priority too. Want to know more... fill in the contact form below or ring us on 0330 135 9663. One of our team can talk you through all you need to know.

Parents why not use our Availability Checker below to see what great Broadband packages you can get.

Content Filtering and Monitoring

We take Content Filtering and Monitoring so seriously at Zone Broadband that we have partnered with Opendium who have pioneered real-time content analysis, which allows rapid adjustments to an ever changing landscape and UK Government guidelines.


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