**Additional costs may be incurred during your move if, for example, infrastructure improvements need to be put in place to accommodate your desired service (such as equipping your new home for Ultrafast broadband or installing a new phone line). *Early termination charges are only relevant for those moving in contract term and starting a new 12 month term.

What’s next?

When you’re ready to make the move, we’ll require some information from you.

First of all, we’ll need to know your new address, your moving date and your current address you use your Zone Broadband at.

We’ll also need to know if there is an active phone line in your new home, but don’t worry if you don’t know this, we can find this out for you. When you’ve got that information, just give us a call on 0330 135 9663, or contact us at hello@zonebroadband.co.uk and we’ll take care of the rest. And remember, we’ll need at least 14 days’ notice to make sure we can get you moved with minimal disruption.

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