Service Status

Update - National
UPDATE: We apologise this is taking longer than anticipated to implement temporary fixes to the properties affected. We have managed to get a few of the sites affected working on a reduced rate technology pending the implementation of a new leased line which can take up to 3 months to install by OpenReach, We are still working on implementing the technologies to the further properties as quick as we possibly can. In total 30 Multi-tenant Buildings were/are affected by this outage and we are working as fast as we can to get them back to normal.

Update - National
UPDATE: Due to the severity of the Leased line outages. We are having to replace the lines feeding the buildings affected. We are attempting interim fixes at the buildings and hope to have the majority online as soon as possible pending the new line installations. Some of the buildings affected are back online, we are working tirelessly to implement the additional interim fixes. We apologies about any inconvenience this may have caused with regards to problems outside our control.

Update - National
UPDATE: After intensive investigation we have discovered an issue outside of our control which is affecting the national network primarily used to provide internet access to our block management facilities, we are working hard to rectify this issue as soon as possible but cannot confirm a date/time as of yet.

Sites Affected by the outage: Telecom House, Oak Court, Princegate House, Bridge House, The Courtyard/The Priors, Newspaper House, Danum House, Exchange House, Fell House, Halifax House, Charles House, Customs House, St Peters House.

We are aware of a national network outage affecting our leased line circuits. Our engineers are investigating this presently.

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