Why Choose Zone Broadband?

This is why we believe in ethical sales because at Zone Broadband, we don’t think it’s fair that customers should pay a higher price for a level of service that can’t be achieved.

Our sales team will always check your connection before recommending a Broadband package for you. This applies to our online sales too. The handy Availability Checker on our website also checks your network connection. If you select a Broadband package that your connection cannot achieve, then an alternative, less expensive package will be recommended. Even if it’s likely that only slightly faster speeds may be possible for you, our Availability Checker points this out and asks if you’re sure you wish to proceed with the order.

We prefer to under promise and over deliver and firmly believe that ethical sales make for happier customers!

For example, we have invested in a high quality dual redundant core network.

  • Firstly, this means we have our own core network which is an integral part of being a proper Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are over 60 ISPs in the UK, and the vast majority are resellers. Even some of the more well-known, big name ISPs are resellers, meaning they don’t have their own core network.
  • Secondly the dual redundancy part. That means a failure in one part of our core network does not bring down any of our customer Broadband connections, it simply swaps over to the mirror system and carries on. Why is this important? because this has happened before and not one single connection was lost.

Zone Broadband’s mobile Broadband backup connection maintains the customer’s Broadband should the fixed line fail. It does so by utilising the built-in SIM port or a mobile SIM dongle that plugs into the router.

If the fixed Broadband connection fails, Zone Broadband’s mobile Broadband backup connection takes over within a few seconds and maintains the connection albeit at lower speeds. Once the fixed Broadband connection is re-established the Broadband switches back over and restores the performance.

At all times, the connection is secure and transition is seamless with the same WiFi connection. All connected devices are recognised, whether on the fixed line or mobile backup, so no fiddling with device settings is required to get back online.

Zone Broadband’s mobile Broadband backup connection uses unlimited data SIMs from EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, so there are no concerns about running out of data and you can choose the most suitable mobile network to maximise performance for your needs.

We can supply optional external antennas to boost the mobile signal received, so Zone Broadband’s mobile Broadband backup connection can often be used in low mobile signal strength areas too.

Protect&Go has the same Zone Broadband mobile Broadband backup capability and adds further features that allow the customer to unplug the router and take it anywhere in the UK. The Broadband connection will be the same as it is at home and all connected devices will be recognised. So no setting up accounts on unsafe, public networks is required.

Possible uses include:

  • If you move home, you can get online instantly. No need to wait for the fixed line to be installed.
  • Visiting a relative or friend that doesn’t have Broadband.
  • Take it with you on holiday in the UK. Holiday homes, caravans, motorhomes, boats and even camping!
  • No need to pay for expensive and poor-quality hotel WiFi.
  • Internet on the Go. Works in your car, on the bus and on the train. Can even work with a 12V power source.

It should be noted that Zone Broadband’s mobile Broadband backup connection is subject to mobile coverage. Speed is dependent on mobile network signal strength and will potentially be slower than Fixed Line Broadband speed. When used in a moving vehicle the mobile SIM will periodically switch cells and may drop the Broadband connection so, a customer may need to reconnect. Optional external antennas and 12V power adapter at extra one-off cost.

Being tied into a contract is never popular but there is a good reason for it. There are a number of costs associated with providing you with a Broadband Connection, which we recover over the period of the contract. That way you don't have a massive upfront cost.

If we didn't have the contract period we would have to charge more to cover customers that signup and then move away quickly. At Zone Broadband we don't think it is fair that you should have to pay more for that.

This is made possible with next generation VoIP technology and it's simple too. When you choose this option we enable the phone socket on the back of your router. All you need to do is plug your conventional landline phone or cordless phone base unit in. That's it, your phone works like it would if were plugged into the BT master phone socket!

In case you were wondering VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means your telephone calls are converted to data and sent over the internet. No need for costly landline rental charges, you get cheaper call charges and everything works the same. That is why the old landline system called PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network is being switched off soon. Quite simply next generation VoIP technology has made it obsolete.

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